Lighting Design made “simple”

At D-Lighting we specialise in “real” lighting design, helping homeowners to “see what’s possible” when it comes to lighting their home.

The emphasis on most homes now constructed is design and lifestyle, yet the lighting installed to the majority of homes is usually outdated as homeowners consult the installing electrician for the advice. Getting the lighting right to “suit” your home is surprisingly easy and most homeowners don’t realize the potential good lighting can make to their home.

When homeowners think lighting design, they think costly over the top extreme ideas, when in reality it is exactly the opposite. While designer Brad Danckert works on many architectural projects, his “passion” is helping the average homeowner with simple cost effective ideas on making the lighting not only practical but something special. He works with you, explaining how the lighting will work, offering multiple ideas on how to light each room in your home and help you in choosing lighting products that reflect the interior and exterior style of your home, incorporate your lifestyle and importantly, fit your budget. Whether we are helping you illuminate one room or a major project, our enthusiasm is the same.

If getting the lighting right to your home is important, contact us to find out “what is possible”.

“After searching throughout Sydney for a sensible, solution focused lighting adviser for some art we needed displayed, I was recommended to talk to Brad by a friend building on the Central Coast. I could not have been happier to finally find someone who not only took the time to understand the issues but then had creativity in the solution. I could not recommend Brad more highly.”

Stephen Porges / Mosman
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