Lighting Design

Most homeowners don’t realise how important and the difference good lighting can make to their home. Whether you get a few important and simple tips or a full design, you will benefit.
Not surprisingly most building or renovating homeowners leave the lighting of their home to the installing electrician, and while most offer sensible advice their knowledge of products available and how to implement them in your home is limited.
The illuminating of homes has moved away from the “grid style ” of downlighting to wide range of lighting applications using new and exciting products designed to make your home or garden special.
If the lighting of your home is important, find out what is possible.


D-Lighting provide a “COMPLIMENTARY” showroom consultation. This is a quick and valuable insight to information on how you can save on installation costs, lighting design and what products are available. You will be surprised how much can be gained from our professional advice.  

NOTE: Appointment required.


Consultation and Design Service.

Most lighting outlets provide lighting design, but designing from a floor plan is at best a guide only.

25 years of experience has proven that an onsite / in home consultation provides the best lighting design possible. Floor plans miss many important aspects of a home. Room sizes appear larger on plan, elevations are deceptive or not shown and understanding the construction is important for installation costs. Seeing the design and style of your home allows for specifing of lights to suit the application and lifestlyle. Clients find it  much easier to understand and ” visualise ” room by room. This allows homeowners to make more informed decisions when selecting lights for their project.

COST – Price on application

PLEASE NOTE:  Our fee can be refunded on supply of lights to your project.

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